Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

Once repaired, your damage is completely invisible

If you have damage that is too small for a full respray but too large to be ignored, Prow’d has the answer. With the help of special colour scanning equipment and fast-drying paint, we limit repairs to the respraying of small surfaces instead of large areas. Our unique spraying technique creates an invisible transition from the repaired area to the original coating. To sum it up, your damage is invisible once repaired.


We can repair all base materials, including steel, aluminium and polyester, as well as colour coatings including monochrome, metallic or matte surfaces. If you want to make sure that we can repair your damage or would like expert advice, please contact us by completing our contact form or send us photographs by Whatsapp. We will respond to you within one working day.

Op locatie

Repairs where and when you need them

Damage can occur anywhere, and it would be great if such damage could immediately be repaired regardless of where you are. This is where Prow’d can help. Our mobile workshop carries all the supplies necessary for the expert repair of your damage. This means that you can tell us where and when you would like your damage repaired.


We repair your damage on location, whether your yacht is in storage or in port. Depending on where the damage is, your yacht will not need to be dry-docked. This will save you time and money.


If you prefer your yacht to be repaired outdoors, the time necessary to fix the damage will be influenced by the weather conditions. We cannot fix the damage on your yacht when it is raining, so in that case we would suggest to reschedule your appointment to a few dry or sunny days. The weather forecast is a great help.

My goal is to take spot repairs in the shipping industry to a new level

Delighted to meet you. My name is Derk Dijkmans, owner of Prow’d. After twelve years of employment in the vehicle body repair industry and five years in the shipping repair industry, I saw many opportunities improving spot repairs in shipping. This has motivated me towards taking spot repairs in the shipping industry to a new level.


In 2013, I established Prestige Yacht Painting as a sole trader. Today, I work for corporate as well as private customers. In 2018 I changed my company name in Prow’d. Thanks to my expertise, flexible schedule and customer-oriented attitude, I always provide excellent service and quality. I am only truly satisfied once I see the customer admiring the final result in amazement and with a smile. And I hope to soon see that smile on your face too!

Derk Dijkmans