Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

Precise colour matching thanks to use of a spectrophotometer

Determining the right paint colour forms the basis of top-quality repairs. We use a spectrophotometer to do this. A spectrophotometer is a portable colour measuring device that is much more sensitive than the human eye and it can ‘see’ many more colours and their corresponding wavelengths. It uses light to determine how much light your paint absorbs or lets through. With the resulting information, we can identify the elements that make up your colour.


Scanned colour converted into a matching colour formula

To achieve a perfect colour match, we scan the colour close to the damaged area. We make sure that this area is clean and polished so that the spectrophotometer performs effectively. The device scans the colour from various angles, because the viewing angle (incidence of light) can change the colour. The spectrophotometer then converts the colour and texture to mathematical values. Once the colour has been scanned, we connect the spectrophotometer to a laptop with special colour-analysis software. This software uses the scan results to determine the colour formula with the best match.


The right colour is always guaranteed

For 95% of scans, we already have a shade that matches your colour. In certain cases – e.g. due to discolouration resulting from sunlight – it is necessary to create a new colour. Here, the colour software independently puts together a suitable formula. When it comes to metallic paint, we also consider the size of the metallic particles. All these factors ultimately influence the perfect colour match. Once we have determined the right colour, we do a final check by visually comparing the colour sample to the paintwork. If the colours do not match perfectly, we use our knowledge and experience to adjust the mix. This means that the right colour is always guaranteed!


We use a smart mixing system to create colours on-site

Now that the right paint colour and formula have been determined, the paint must be made. We do this on-site with the help of a smart mixing system with 24 secondary colours and 69 metallic secondary colours. In order to guarantee the right ratios, we use a highly precise scale that can weigh single drops of paint. We save the mixing formulas that we use in the colour system so that we can retrieve them in case of later damage.