Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

Damage to your yacht? Prow’d will take care of it!

From the word go, we take on the responsibility for your damage and arrange the entire process if desired. We even finalise insurance claims. As soon as you report it to us, we firstly inspect the scope of the damage to your yacht. If the damage is repairable, we discuss the plan of approach with you. Then we estimate the amount of work necessary and agree on a price for the necessary repair tasks.


Innovative method for permanent and professional repairs

We use the spot repair method to repair your yacht. It is an innovative way of repairing damage quickly, permanently and professionally. An advantage of this method of repair is the fact that it can be done anywhere. So, whether you are moored in a harbour or sailing on a lake, your damage gets repaired immediately, regardless of where you are. Our mobile workshop carries all the necessary supplies.


You can tell us where and when you want your damage repaired

It is important for your yacht to be in a yachtyard or industrial area so that the work does not disturb other people. If you need to hire a workshop or worksite, we can easily help you arrange this thanks to our many contacts throughout the country. If you prefer your yacht to be repaired outdoors, the time necessary to fix the damage will be influenced by the weather conditions. We cannot fix the damage on your yacht when it is raining, so in that case we would suggest to reschedule your appointment to a few dry or sunny days. The weather forecast is a great help.


Invisible transition from area of repair to original paintwork

Spot repair is based on matching the original colour. We are able to do this by using a spectrophotometer that scans the colour of your yacht. We always have 24 secondary colours and 69 metallic secondary colours available in our mobile workshop so that we can guarantee a perfect match of colours. To ensure an ideal transition, we treat an area just larger than the actual damage. Quick-drying paint and a unique spraying method create an invisible transition from area of repair to original paintwork.