Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

All yacht owners are faced with yacht maintenance

It is important to maintain your yacht especially if it has a paint, enamel, wood or gel coating, because these surfaces are most affected by weather conditions. Paintwork gradually becomes dull and gelcoats become chalky. Gelcoats also crack and then allow moisture to seep in. You can prevent these problems by maintaining your yacht. In order to avoid spending more time on maintenance than on the water, you can contact Prow’d.


We keep your yacht in mint condition for you

In order to keep your yacht in mint condition, we can manage the following tasks for you:

  • Cleaning of paint/gelcoat
  • Buffing of paintwork or polishing of gelcoat
  • Application of wax
  • Removal and reapplication of antifouling


Prow’d also handles larger maintenance tasks:

  • Removal of rust patches
  • Repairing of damaged areas
  • Sealing of cracks
  • Application of new paint coats
  • Refitting