Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

Gelcoat polishing restores your yacht’s colour and sheen

Gelcoat polishing is essential for maintaining sheen and fighting discolouration. A gelcoat is the coloured outer layer on polyester laminate. This layer protects the material beneath it from exterior influences. After a busy sailing season, a gelcoat can lose the sheen that it had when your yacht was launched. Sunlight, water, salt and fouling can reduce the sheen and cause discolouration.


Gelcoat polishing keeps your yacht in mint condition

Gelcoat polishing involves sanding your yacht a number of times, starting with coarse and progressing to finer sandpaper. This removes dirt and roughness from the gelcoat. In fact, we remove a paper-thin layer from the gelcoat and thereby create a glossy mirror effect. We use a special polishing paste to polish the gelcoat, while we also apply a layer of wax that creates an extra-shiny and water-repellent surface. This ensures that your yacht is once again well-protected. Polishing therefore does not just benefit the appearance of your yacht, but also improves the performance of your gelcoat.


Polishing is done at your chosen location

We do gelcoat polishing at a time and location chosen by you. It is important for your yacht to be in a yachtyard or industrial area so that the work does not disturb other people. If you need to hire a workshop or worksite, we can easily help you arrange this thanks to our many contacts throughout the country (Netherlands).


We will tackle possible hidden defects in consultation with you

Sometimes, scratches or other damage that were previously hidden by dirt are exposed by the polishing process. To prevent water from seeping in through damaged areas, it would be a good idea to have them repaired immediately. If, while polishing your yacht, we discover such damage, we will inform you immediately. And if preferred, we can repair this damage during the polishing process. This is the advantage of having your yacht polished by a company that specialises in spot repair.