Prow’d repairs your damage quickly and professionally, where and when you like.

Your damage is invisible after gelcoat repair

If your yacht is scratched or damaged, gelcoat repair is very important. If you ignore such damage, water can seep into the gelcoat and cause osmosis. Frequent polyester maintenance is essential for maintaining your yacht’s performance.


The identical matching of colour is a precise job

Precisely matching colours requires the necessary experience. Using a spectrophotometer, we scan the colour of your yacht. First, we polish a section of your yacht so that the surface is clean and the spectrophotometer is able to effectively scan the colour. If there is no immediate match with an existing paint colour, the spectrophotometer creates a formula for the colour. We have 24 secondary colours and 69 metallic secondary colours available at all times, so we can guarantee an identical colour.


We literally make a clean sweep

After we have scanned in the colour, the gelcoat repair can start. First, we prepare the surface by cleaning and degreasing it. Then we sand the surface and, if necessary, grind away part of the gelcoat. In this way, we literally make a clean sweep and can start rebuilding the layers from scratch.


We build a solid foundation layer-by-layer

Once all the preparations are complete, we again clean, dry and dust the damaged area so that optimum adhesion is guaranteed. Then we fill the damaged area with fibreglass filler that adheres to the gelcoat. If the damage is deep enough to justify it, we apply fibreglass matting with the use of epoxy resin in order to create a solid base. Once the damaged area has been levelled and smoothened, it is ready for painting. This is the most important part of the gelcoat repair process.


New paintwork makes your yacht seaworthy again

After we have added and smoothened the fibreglass filling, we apply a primer. We then lightly sand this primer to ensure good adhesion with the final layer of paint. The final layer of paint is applied using a special spraying method, which guarantees that there is no visible transition from the gelcoat repair to the rest of your yacht. The final gelcoat repair step involves recovering the original sheen by polishing the surface. Now your yacht is seaworthy again!