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We will gladly polish your yacht for you

It is a good idea to regularly polish your yacht. Your yacht can lose much of its sheen over a single sailing season due to intense use and weather effects such as sunlight, UV rays, rain and lime scale. The periodic polishing of your yacht is an excellent option for keeping it in top condition and preventing discolouration and loss of sheen.


Polishing is important when it comes to both the appearance of your yacht and its performance

Polishing a yacht means that the surface of the yacht is made smooth and shiny, giving it a mirror effect. It restores the original sheen of that once-gleaming paintwork, while also having a protective effect. Polishing therefore does not just benefit the appearance of your yacht, but also improves the technical performance of your paintwork and the speed with which your yacht will travel trough the water. Prow’d will gladly handle this task for you.


Polishing consists of a number of steps

When polishing your yacht, we firstly sand its surface with coarse sandpaper. This removes most of the roughness. Then we use finer sandpaper, which makes the surface even smoother. After this, we polish the surface to create a finish that is as scratch-free and silky-smooth as possible. We use a polishing paste to polish your yacht. It leaves an oily film on the paintwork that offers effective protection. Finally, we finish off the paintwork with a special wax that creates an extra-shiny and water-repellent surface making your yacht seem.


We will tackle possible hidden defects in consultation with you

Sometimes, scratches or other damage that were previously hidden by dirt are exposed by the polishing process. If, while polishing your yacht, we discover such damage, we will inform you immediately. And if preferred, we can repair this damage during the polishing process. This is the advantage of having your yacht polished by a company that specialises in spot repair.