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Prow’d can clean your yacht with specialised products

Every day, your yacht is exposed to pollutants such as acidic rainfall, salt deposits, streaking or lime scale. So it is important to regularly clean your yacht. Everyday cleaning should not be a problem for most yacht owners. Help is only required once dirt becomes stubborn and can no longer be removed with ease. Prow’d can be of service if you need help with cleaning your yacht.


Prow’d can clean your yacht with the use of products specially tailored to suit the hardness of marine gelcoats and marine paints. Thanks to our expert knowledge about shipping base materials and shipping paints, we apply the right cleaning methods that also match the type and degree of fouling. This means that you do not have to worry about any permanent traces left by the cleaning process.


Yacht cleaning demands a specific approach

Every part of a yacht is affected by different types of fouling. A grimy yellowy-brown deposit often develops on the hull and below the waterline, while discolouration and lime scale frequently occur around the waterline. It is important to use cleaning products aimed at these types of fouling. Making sure that the products are non-abrasive. Abrasive products will only roughen the surface, which will allow more fouling to cling to it. Your yacht should ideally be cleaned with care shampoo that contains polish or wax. The result will be a shiny and water-repellent surface.


Cleaning the deck of your yacht demands a different approach. A polyester yacht, for instance, can be cleaned with a stiff-bristled brush or high-pressure hose. A teak deck, on the other hand, should be cleaned using a soft-bristled brush or sponge. Teak cleaner can be used for algae deposits. But teak wears quickly, so must not be done too frequently. If you are unsure about which cleaning methods and –substances are suitable for your yacht, please ask us! We will gladly take over this responsibility if you like.


Clean your yacht like this!

If you want to handle the cleaning of your yacht yourself, we have one final suggestion. Make sure that you always work from top to bottom. Thus, dirty water will not soil areas that you have already cleaned.